Jekyll-emoji Plugin

  • jekyll-emoji plugin is required for emojifying jekyll content using tokens like {{ ":sunglasses:" : emojify }} in markdown of posts and pages of jekyll
  • First you need to copy plugin ruby file named emoji.rb from github to jekyll’s _plugins directory as one time step
  • As jekyll-emoji liquid filter internally uses gemoji. First install gemoji ruby gem as mentioned below
    • In Gemfile add following line gem "gemoji", "~> 2.1.0"
    • Or alternatively execute gem install gemoji (not preffered)
    • Modify _config.yml jekyll file for plugin and configuration as
#Gemoji plugin settings
emoji_dir: "/"

#Gemoji plugin addition
  - gemoji
  • Note in codeblock / is added to emoji_dir to shift code for gitlab. / is the name of gitlab project.
  • emoji_dir: reperesent paths where emotiocons are extracted and used like emoji_dir: "/"
  • To add emoji’s anywhere in html or markdown files processed by liquid in posts or pages use tokens like {{ ":sunglasses:" : emojify }}
  • (this will not work inside _layouts folder and starting with —\r\n—)
  • Use cheat sheet to find more emoji’s

Emoji Cheat Sheet

Jekyll-emoji Demonstaration

sunglasses, astonished, sparkles, dizzy, tent, clap