Markdown - Files, Editors, …

  1. Files with extensions ending as .md or .markdown used to render into an HTML blog entry.
  2. Github jekyll using liquid engine converts .md and .html posts and pages into beautiful .html files.
  3. Editors for .md files are found as desktop-based editors, or browser-based (online-only, in-your-site-code) editors. Most preferred is in-your-site-code editor with MIT licensing.
  4. I’ve edited .md file of this page using free StackEditor which can read and save documents from local disk, and plethora of blogging sites - github, dropbox, google drive, blogger, tumblr, wordpress.
  5. Gitlab is hosting this post free via Jekyll. Jekyll converted .md file of this post into beautiful page you’re reading. Kudos to Jekyll (Jekyll with BootStrap and Markdown Editor with its CMS plugin is a great take)
  6. Markdown editors are so powerful that it can render Video, LaTeX (like for scientific equations), FlowCharts, Tables, Code Highlighting, etc.


You can render euqations from sample below usign markdown

The *Gamma function* satisfying $\Gamma(n) = (n-1)!\quad\forall n\in\mathbb N$ is via the Euler integral

\Gamma(z) = \int_0^\infty t^{z-1}e^{-t}dt\,.

UML diagrams:

You can render sequence diagrams from sample below usign markdown

Sachin->Sumit: Code Commit
Sumit->Sachin: Build Notification
Note left of Sumit: Success/Failures
Sumit-->CEO: Checks & Pass!


You can render flowchart from sample below usign markdown

st=>start: Start
op=>operation: My Operation
cond=>condition: Yes or No?



  1. Online only (use-theirs) browser based .md editor, Most powerful it seems
  2. Source code is Apache 2.0 found here, but can’t be hosted in your own site
  3. Dillinger is similar product but relatively less polished - bare bones solution for speedy rendering with limited feature set.


  1. Hostable github source code for your site, MIT license.
  2. Great pick which is equally capable as StackEditor, It could be multi-lingual so good for us. I’ll try another post from in my blog - so keep watching.

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