This post demonstrate how to embed Wolfram to your blog. Wolfram is a computation knowledge engine like MATLAB. It caters mathematics, statistics, chemistry, engineering and a lot of other areas. It provides Query Box, Widgets, & APIs that can be shared over your blog.

You can add a Alpha Query Box to a web page, embed interactive Alpha Widgets onto your blog or website, or use the Alpha API to integrate Alpha’s results directly in your web application.

Must see Alpha Widgets Gallery. Example at Query Box url displays following search box.

Embedding widget is simple:

  • Explore widgets and collect the embed code
  • Or create fresh widget and collect embed code.
  • Or explore a widget and Save to My Widgets then edit and publish, thereafter collect code.
  • See example widget app

This sample is a Wolfram Widget which is Save to My Widgets, and Published:

Following generated script was embedded in html code to render previous wolfram frame.

<script type="text/javascript" id="WolframAlphaScript2359c56033ebe1adc4b80e6bcbff5ab3" src="//"></script>